The Clinica Jóia Team

Dr David Grech MD ESCAD

Dr David Grech has been a medical practitioner since 1996 and has practised cosmetic procedures since 2001. He was trained on Botox (Allergan) by Dr Anthony Benedetto (US) and on Bocouture (Merz) by Dr Katie Goldie (UK), and has attended further advanced Botox training at KT Medical Aesthetics Training in Harley Street. He has performed over 2000 recorded Botox treatments to date. Dr Grech is certified to deliver botulinum toxin to all areas of the face and neck, including less commonly requested botox procedures such as the treatment of masseteric hypertrophy, axillary, palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis and the Nefertiti Neck Lift.

Dr Grech was trained on Hyaluronic acid fillers by Yasmin Khan, at the time at Inamed Corporation, and on Ellanse by the renowned plastic surgeon Mr Chris Inglefield, and has attended further advanced fillers training at KT Medical Aesthetics Training in Harley Street. He has performed over a thousand recorded dermal filler treatments to date. Dr Grech’s dermal filler expertise includes the execution of more unusual treatments such as filling of hands, nasal bridge and eyebrow reconstruction and nonsurgical rhinoplasty. He has lectured and trained doctors on behalf of Ellanse in Poland and Malta.

Dr Grech’s additional expertise lies in combining, where appropriate, peels with other medical aesthetic treatments, such as topical cosmeceuticals, pulsed light and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, for maximum effect and skin improvement. He has received training on a variety of light based devices, including the Fractional Carbon Dioxide Resurfacing Laser and the SmartLipo Laser, under the tutelage of Prof Paolo Bonan of the University of Florence and the renowned Villa Donatello Hospital in Florence.

Dr Grech is proficient in the technique of Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture using the Belgian Euromi system, having attended various surgery masterclasses conducted by Dr M. Safar. He performs over a hundred cases annually of liposculpture and lipofilling. Dr Grech is uniquely trained in both Aptos and Silhouette thread lift systems and selects the method to use based on individual patient requirements. He is also trained in ozonotherapy protocols for pain management.

Dr Grech is a member of the European Society of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology (ESCAD) and attends annual medical congress updates in Paris and London every year.

Ms Denise Sultana B.Sc (Hons) Nursing Studies Melit. CDMP

Ms Denise Sultana has graduated from the University of Malta in 2011, achieving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies. She had always had an interest in community care rather than hospitalised care and this led her to start her career as a nurse with the MMDNA, the entity which offered a nation wide nursing service.

This role as a community nurse has aided for her assertiveness and decision making skills to develop since her role required efficient decision taking on the spot, sometimes with limited resources. Visiting post operative patients and chronic wound sufferers has helped Ms Sultana obtain invaluable skills in wound care management, which were consolidated thanks to seminar attendance related to the subject and training with tissue viability experts. After a number of years, Ms Sultana joined the relieving pool of the largest private hospital locally, which role gave her the opportunity to experience different levels of nursing care in different sectors.

Ms Sultana’s love for aesthetics started as a side line hobby, that of make up artistry. Eventually, the opportunity to join forces in a cosmetic clinic had arisen and that was the start of her career in the cosmetic field. Her sound skills in post operative care and wound care together with her innate love for the aesthetic industry have proven her eye for detail to be of utmost importance for our team.

Denise Sultana is also a Certified Digital Marketing Professional from the Digital Marketing Institute and a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Ms Ruth Vella Jones B.Sc (Hons) Melit.

Ms Ruth Vella Jones is the clinic’s head nurse. She is in charge of all medical activity going on in the clinic and assures the delivery of quality nursing care throughout.

Ms Vella Jones has obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing studies from the University of Malta in 1997. Her journey in nursing started at the Intensive Care Unit which extended for 11 years. These years have been crucial for Ms Vella Jones to build her expert knowledge in intensive care which consequently have moulded her into an excellent decision maker and have developed to perfection her ability to work under pressure. In the last 3 years of service at ITU, she was also a shift leader. Ms Vella Jones then ventured in Medical & Surgical Cardiology, which had always been a speciality of interest to her. This venture has allowed her to practice her bedside nursing whilst keeping her surgical skills updated. She was also a Deputy Head Nurse in her ward.

Cosmetic Dermatology was her next development in her nursing career, seeing her start her career as a laser professional. It was after a few months in the role that her managerial skills and clinical expertise were again put to practice when she joined the Cosmetic Doctor as his right hand and started assisting in both surgical and non surgical treatments. She is now a vital part of the team and with continuous professional development and dedication, her role has become more and more invaluable.

Dr Savvas C. Hirides MD MSc PhD FACS

Dr Savvas C.Hirides is a General Surgeon specialised in advanced laparoscopic and robotic GI and hernia surgery.  He studied medicine at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic for 6 years. As a surgical resident he worked initially in Athens Children’s Hospital, where he was introduced to all spectrum of pediatric surgery including pediatric hernia repair suturing tehniques. He continued his General Surgery residency in the State Hospital with adult patients and got extensive training in classic inguinal (Shouldice and mesh/Licthenstein) and ventral hernia repairs (open and laparoscopic) among other techniques. During his fellowship in the private sector (Athens Medical Center), he subspecialized in Robotic GI, Hernia and Bariatric Surgery and perfectioned his hiatal hernia, transabdominal (TAPP) and totally extraperitoneal inguinal hernia repairs(TEP). From January 2007 till August 2017, Dr Hirides actively participated in the First Greek Robotic Surgical Program in the country, while at the same time he attended hands-on workshops in centers of excellence around the world (Strasbourg, Grosseto, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires). Through that he mastered robotic hiatal hernia repairs, robotic inguinal (TAPP) and robotic ventral hernia (mesh) repairs. His total surgical experience overcomes the number of 3500 patients.

In addition, for two years he attended the postgraduate program on Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery in Athens Medical School, Kapodistrian University of Athens and received the title “Master of Science” (MSc) for Robotic Surgical Techniques in 2010. He received his PhD in 2016, from the Medical School, Kapodistrian University of Athens, upon completion of his research in Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes, Surgery in the experimental lab with porcine models.

He has published in international as well as local journals and has contributed as an author in numerous medical books about hiatal hernia, abdominal wall hernia and obesity surgery. He attends most of the large international surgical meetings and occasionally participates as a speaker in Europe (Seville, Geneve, Verne, Prague, Stockholm), USA (Quebec, Chicago, San Diego) and Asia (Beijing).

He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, member of European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, SEERSS (European Robotic Association), International Federation of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery (IFSO), and Hellenic Surgical Society. In December 2009, he was elected General Secretary of Hellenic Scientific Society of Robotic Surgery and he held this position till March 2018. In November 2011 he was elected Executive Secretary of the European Society for Robotic Surgery (SEERSS)  and actively participates in the organizing committee of its meetings. In May 2011, he participated in the organization of the 6th International Congress of Robotic Surgery (MIRA) as a Co-Chairman of the Scientific Program.

Today he works as a General Surgeon in Athens Medical Center and Hippocrateon Private Hospital of Nicoaia, and performs Laparoscopic and Robotic operations from all the spectrum of General Surgery. His team is among the first to perform robotic inguinal hernia repairs in Greece and hiatal hernia repairs in Cyprus. His interest focuses in research on obesity & diabetes surgery, evolution of hernia techniques, surgical instrument technology and Intraoperative Navigation Systems (Augmented Reality Robotic Surgery).