Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation enhances the shape and size of breasts together with your self-confidence.

It is the recommended procedure when you seek augmentation of your small or asymmetrical breasts or you simply want to regain the volume you lost after weight loss or pregnancy.

There are two kinds of prostheses, silicone and saline. The doctor will present to you all available options regarding the prostheses type, size and shape according to your body measurements. Together with the doctor, you will decide which breast implant best fits you and can achieve a natural-looking result.

  • Breast implants are placed through inconspicuous skin incisions that are hidden in the infra-mammary fold, around the areola or inside the axilla. The placement of the prostheses over or under the muscle will be discussed with the doctor during your consultation.

  • Breast augmentation surgery is done under general anesthesia and might require an overnight stay, especially when combined with other procedures. Recovery depends on the extend of the procedure. Return to every day activities begins gradually from the 1st post-op day and is completed within 2-3 weeks.

  • Results are fascinating and long-term although changes in body weight and/or pregnancy can alter your appearance.