Thank you Dr Stavrou & Clinica Joia Team!

Thank you Dr Stavrou & your team for the care you’ve given to both me and my daughter in the process of doing our breast augmentation. We were very well guided and given all the information needed.

After doing the operation, we do not regret coming to Clinica Joia! We are very happy with the outstanding results 😍

Thank you again to all of you!

Julie Spiteri

Face threadlift

Im so pleased with Dr.Grech from clinica Joia for his excellent work . The result is AMAZING!! Also the staff is so friendly and makes you at ease .. definitely i will come again !!

Thank you very much


Alexia buttigieg

I’m in love with my breasts!

I had thoughts for about 6 months before I went to talk to Dr Demetris Stavrou regarding breast augmentation at 19 years old. I decided to do it on spot at my appointment and after 3 months, there I was in the hospital lying on a bed with beautiful breasts, a smile on my face and minimal pain. The week-long staying at home period wasn’t so hard, either – it took me just two days to walk out the door and enjoy a night out, and 6 days to go back to work. Only a month after, I’m completely healed, I have a very little scar under my breasts, barely showing, and I’m so proud that I made this step ❤️

Thank you Dr Stavrou, Dr Grech, and your team for NOT making me sorry, and for making me love my body more 🤩

Daniela Spiteri

Satisfied Client

From the minute i walked in at Clinica Joia i felt welcome. The staff is so friendly and professional…so different from other clinics! Special thanks to Dr Stavrou who from the day i went for consultation was ready to answer all my questions..always with a smile that made me feel i’m in good hands. Ruth and Denise are two amazing women, very supportive throughout…and last but not least Dr Grech who was always available whenever i needed him. I am very very satisfied with the result..and would definitely recommend you all.

Mrs Galea


I would like to thank Dr. Stavrou for the very proffessional service given from the consultation day to the very day of the surgery. And would also like to thank nurse Ruth as she took very good care of me and I would also like to thank Dr Grech who was also part of the professional team.I am very happy with the results and I am very very grateful that I have chosen clinica joia that provides such wonderful service to their clients.
I will definitely recommend your clinic to all my friends.

One day or another I will come again 😀 for sure.

Thanks xx



Excellence !!!

From the first time I walked into Clinica Joia I felt a certain comfort and ease and I realized from the start that this clinic is somewhat different to the rest, they make you feel welcome. I then started meeting everyone and I must say that you are all great people, very professional and so caring and you have all really helped me throughout the journey – Many thanks to Dr. Stavrou who is an amazing surgeon with golden hands, Dr. Grech who makes sure that you are being looked after at all times and Ruth whom I only met briefly but in that little time I got to know her, she held my hand and made everything OK and of course, last but not least a very special thanks to Denise who was with me and comforted me on the day of the surgery, before and after – she saw that I was nervous (perhaps scared also) and she has a way of making it all better somehow – such a kind and loving person and for this I thank you very much – you have been absolutely wonderful.

Nadia Borg

Great clinic great doctors and best Nurses

I would like to thank Dr. Stavrou and Dr. Grech. And would also like to thank your team specially Ruth she took a very good care of me before and after the surgery and she calmed me down and explained to me everything in details and made things simple for me. Was also replying to msgs on the weekend.
I will definitely recommend your clinic to all my friends.


Customer for life!

I attended ClinicaJoia for breast augmentation where Dr. Stavrou, Dr Grech and nurse Ruth are the most professional medical team I’ve met. They are great listeners,and always answered my queries when I had any, and above all they are genuinely concerned about their patient’s well-being. They even gave me a private mobile number in any case of emergencies post op. I had little to no wait time when I visited the clinic after the operation. The receptionists were always friendly and answered any questions I had with a good attitude. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!! Since the clinic offers various other treatments, you have a customer for life!

Mrs Muscat

A heartfelt thank you

I am greatly satisfied with the exceptional results obtained since I’ve been visiting ClinicaJòia. I am deeply grateful for the outstanding service provided by Dr Grech, whom I have no words to thank for his consistent dedication, flawless professionalism and genuine advice. Together with the kindness of his nursing team, I wholeheartedly recommend ClinicaJòia with highest praise.



I attended ClinicaJoia for Dermapen treatment and I am so happy with the results. My skin looks noticeably fresh and more youthful and is so much more smooth. I am 110% satisfied with the results and a big thank you to Dr Grech and to nurse Ruth for their professional service .

Carmen galea

Got my life back!

Wearing Heels, dancing and jogging … the three things I used to love doing most but which for the past 4 years I could no longer do due to severe back and neck problems.
Then during a conference I was lucky to meet Dr Grech who introduced me to OZONE THERAPY and to AMAZING Nurse Carla, and they gave me back my life.
An Unbelievable but true Recovery which started immediately from the very first treatment taking me from the waiting list for an operation back to jogging in a matter of weeks, and the best thing is that Ozone therapy is 100% natural and without any side effects whatsoever!
I wholeheartedly recommend this therapy to all those who like me suffer from back, neck or any other localised pain.

Lorna Jankovic

Aptos lifting


I really want to say thank you after my Aptos face lifting. The treatment was performed under local anesthesia, no pain, no even after treatment. Little swelling 2 days after, hardly visible, but that belongs always after treatment. Our target were lift my right eye and also cheek. The result was visible immediately.
Dr. Grech wanted to see me 3 days later and also week later for follow up and give more homecare to more long lasting result.
I’m his regular client last 3 years. I come to Malta once a year for my holiday. I come back because I have always got so good treatment and lovely care from Dr and his nurses.
I wish all the best to you Dr Grech and your team. I come back next summer.

Sari Kemppainen

Sari Kemppainen

Smart-Lipo -My Best Decision Ever-Thankyou Dr.Grech ☺

After giving birth to my daughter five years ago,I put on weight,and felt uneasy in my own skin.I followed plenty of healthy eating plans giving by nutritionists,exercised as much as I could,but the stubborn fat remained.Five months ago I made the best decision of my life.After a consultation with
Doctor Grech,I had a Smart lipo done by Dr.Grech himself.(The deposited fat on my upper and lower abdomen,flanks and back is now gone for good).I am so happy with the result.
I went two sizes down(clothes size),and now all I have is a smooth silhouette.
The surgery was performed under local anesthesia providing a numb effect,so I had a pain free experience,with minimum discomfort.The surgery was done in the morning,and by the afternoon I was already home with my family.On the first night I felt no pain, and only experienced some light pressure whichbwas to be expected. After three days I started driving again,and could do all light chores.After a week I could do anything.I used a compression garment(tight bodysuit) for around four weeks,had free follow-ups,and had few sessions of lymphatic massages which were very relaxing.Five months after,I feel better than ever.Apart from the positive experience,the price was reasonable.That was an added bonus.Regarding the staff.All the staff were very professional yet so welcoming and sweet.(A big thankyou to Senior Nurse Ruth 😊).About Dr.Grech-What can I say ? He is the best-A Dedicated Doctor who uses his tools exceptionally,and his heart whole-heartedly.



Excellent Service

I used the services at Clinica Joia for body shaping and the results are amazing. I m super happy with my body. Dr Grech ,Dr Stavrou and all the team Denise and Ruth are very profesional and go out of their way to take care of you and keep in touch. I highly recommend Clinica Joia Dr Grech is very professional.
Dont think twice just make that call .


Best desicion ever taken

I used the services of Clinica Joia for breast augmentation. Dr Grech and Dr. Stavrou together with their nurses were very professional. They took care of me as from my first consultation, explaining everything in detail and gave me good advices on what I required. I highly recommend all the services they offer. Having said that my procedure was fast, painless and recovery period was very short. I only had a 2cm incision which today is not visible at all. I’m extremely satisfied with the procedure and very natural looking breast 🙂

Vanessa Schembri

A Clinic Like No Other

At Clinica Joia I found what I was looking for. Excellent service, results and after care. Dr Grech, Ruth, Denise and all the team are highly professional and their guidance is simply excellent. If you dream it, achieve it with Clinica Joia 🙂


Best Investment

Very well taken care of at Clinica Joia. Very recommendable and good services overall….my only regret is that I didn’t go there earlier 🙂 Dr Grech is very professional and knowledgeable and Ruth is very supportive and sweet…..they are all an amazing team, I don’t want to leave anybody out. What are you waiting for?

Fiona Cauchi

The best

I am always very satisfied with the result! Dr Grech is very professional and gives very good advices, everyone in his team is very accommodating and polite. especially Ruth. I highly recommend their services!

Lena Nowak

I’m actually believing I’m 10 years younger 😉

All the things that used to bother me and that I wished to improve have ‘happened’ here at clinica joia. I was really sceptical about the pain but in all honesty I was proved wrong. Procedures are quick, comfortable and painless. I highly recommend their services, and don’ t hesitate to contact them for a consultation!

Steve Aquilina

Impeccable service

Dr. Stavrou and Dr.Grech are the best together. All was explanied and taken care of. I highly recommend them for any cosmetic surgery.

Daniela Debono

Excellent Service

I attended at Clinica Jóia for body shaping and was amazed by the excellent results. Dr. Grech and his team are very professional and took good care of myself, also guiding in in post-op care. Well done!

Marisa Bajada

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