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Cosmetic Surgery, is it all about vanity? The REAL truth exposed.

Cosmetic surgery. Does it simply stem from vanity and our ever-growing obsession to look perfect? It’s been coined the ‘real life version of photoshop’ and the popularity of getting such procedures is ever growing. Ideals of beauty have always existed and over the years cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular. We are constantly bombarded with ideals of the perfect person and unequivocal standards of beauty such as celebrities and powerful influencers who, more often than not, promote the numerous procedures they have undergone to look younger, prettier and in their words, better. This influx of media tends to cause fans and admirers to aim for unrealistic standards which cannot be met, since apart from the procedures, social media is governed by photoshop and editing. This obsession with being perfect, is often the reason many believe vanity is the driving force behind the desire for cosmetic surgery. The popular assumption is that most people who decide to go for these procedures, do so because of social media influence, or because they saw someone famous on the television and they thought, Hey, I want to look like that! Perhaps even because they are ‘obsessed’ with being perfect or looking young and attractive. [...]

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Christmas Pudding & Champagne: Survival Tips on how to prepare our skin and body this Christmas Season

Tis the season to be jolly, eat way too many mince pies and do a whole lot of partying! The Christmas period is approaching and it’s about time we prepare ourselves! Whilst it's a fun time of year, the abundance of social gatherings, alcoholic beverages and all the delicious food we indulge in can take its toll. So, this is the perfect time to chat about some survival tips for the upcoming festive season. Grab yourself some eggnog, and off we go! SKIN PREPPING So how can we prepare for the festivities you ask? Well, let’s start by talking about one of the first major dilemmas we face around this time of year. Changes in our skin; for various reasons. Overindulging in food we don't often eat throughout the year and increased alcohol intake, can lead to skin problems especially in those folks who are more sensitive than others. For example, it can cause some untimely and rather annoying breakouts. Not to mention the weather outside is frightful at this time of year! Exposed areas of skin such as the face and hands generally get the worst of it, and with all the upcoming parties, you’ll probably be outside [...]

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Botox & Fillers; the What, How and Why.

  Well everyone, today we will be talking about something I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about, especially since social media is riddled with the rich and famous looking as young and glam as ever. You guessed it, I’m talking about Botox and dermal fillers. So, what are these magical treatments of youth and plumpness? Let’s get right into it and start with dermal fillers, which are substances that are injected into the skin. They can be made up of hyaluronic acid which is a natural, jelly-like substance found in the skin, that gives it volume (YAY!) and is lost with age (BOOO!). However, they can be made from other substances such as Polycaprolactone which is more viscose and elastic than hyaluronic acid (and longer lasting too!). Dermal Fillers are injected into the skin to fill wrinkles and to volumise or contour the face non-surgically. One of the most common for example, is having filler injected into the lips for a fuller pout. Although fillers can be utilised in various ways including on other areas of the body, not just the face, or to fill in scars. Polycaprolactone can even stimulate the natural production of collagen too! Um, yes [...]

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So long Summer! Injecting some TLC into our skin after the Sunny Season

The days are getting shorter and the sun begins to chill out a little. Literally. Yes, summer has come to an end and it’s now officially autumn! More than likely, you’ve spent your summer basking in the sunshine, unwinding by the pool, or since we are on an island after all, at the beach. Whilst the sunny season is notorious for that atmosphere where you suddenly want to party on the beach all night long, waking up with that sun kissed feeling and wavy hair, there is a downside to the sunshine. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about what the summer season does to our skin. SUMMER AND THE SKIN Unfortunately, some people don’t realise that summer can leave our skin looking a little worse for wear, so let’s start there.  Why is summer pretty harsh on our skin? The main reason, is the UV rays from sun exposure, and the sun can cause damage to ANY skin type, not just fair skin folks.  A few tell-tale signs of sun damage to look out for are an uneven skin tone, darker patches and freckles. Apart from these issues, what may seem to be natural ageing processes of the face [...]

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Round or Tear Drop Implants? That is the question!

Clara who lives 3 doors away has done her breasts 10 years ago and she always says that tear drop implants are the most natural looking. But, last time, I met Joanna's friend's sister, and she said hers are round and they are natural looking too. So.. this got me thinking, what is best? Round or tear drop?! First of all, breast augmentation done on Clara is not the same as a breast augmentation done on Joanna's friend's sister, and the reason is an obvious one. We are all different, we all start from different starting points and we all have different needs. This also means that everyone's experience is different. The most important factor when it comes to taking the plunge is the trust relationship with your Surgeon. Your Doctor is to explain every single detail, and if need be, answer the same question six million times over and over again until you have understood all it entails. The Doctor will measure your current breast size, determine the extend of drooping (if any), which method of lifting is most appropriate, and the size of implant your chest can take. One word of advice, going to the Doctor prepared [...]

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Waking up from the Winter Hibernation; The Good, The Bad and Ray of Hope.

  SPRING... No, it should not bring terror to us. It should remind us of the longer, warmer days. The energy the sun will provide us, the brighter, lighter.. shorter.. qhm clothes. Well.. yes, Winter sometimes is better described as 'the couch, pizza and TV Series season', because let's be frank, who is the one who likes to dress up and go out when its windy, rainy and cold? And if we do go out, the amount of clothes is substantial enough for one to disguise well a few rolls which we would have formed over the Winter months. Let us all be positive today and instead of despairing, be proactive and formulate a plan which will lead us to a more confident US! No 1:  You cannot expect changes in the way you look and feel if you do not change your attitude! Start by planning your days ahead. Think about what you will be eating, prepare your lunches and snacks and find at least 2 hours in a whole week where you can dedicate some precious time to yourself. Be it a gym session, circuit training or else a walk along the promenade. It takes 21 days to [...]

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