Dermal Fillers

What are fillers?

Fillers are substances which are injected into or under the skin to:

  • Correct wrinkles and folds
  • Volumise and contour areas of the face (sunken cheeks, lips) and other areas(hands, chest)
  • Fill in scars (including acne)

What are the different fillers available?

  • HA is a natural substance found in the skin. It is the jelly-like matrix that gives the skin its volume, and is lost with aging.
  • The injectable forms of HA are derivatives of natural HA, so no test patch is required for allergic testing.
  • Different preparations of HA exist, varying in viscosity (thickness) and therefore in suitability to correct different problems.
  • We use two brands of HA gel: Perfectha from France or Juvederm from US. They are used for filling of superficial to deep lines and wrinkles, cheek and lip enhancement
  • All HA preparations last for 6 to 12 months (average 9 months) as they are degraded naturally by the body.
  • More viscous (thick) and elastic than HA – last longer as fillers
  • Stimulate new collagen production and act as a framework around which collagen forms
  • Biodegradable, so are broken down
  • Inert (does not cause reactions): no test patch required.
  • Different preparations of Ellanse for different duration of action: M = 2 years; L = 3 years;
  • Uses of Ellanse: same as above and additionally indicated for filling of hands and scars

Is the injection painful?

Usually only a local anaesthetic (EMLA cream) may be required.

What are the side-effects?

Possibly some swelling, redness or bruising within the first 24 to 48 hours.

Who will perform my treatment?

Dr David Grech MD has been a medical practitioner since 1996 and has practised cosmetic procedures since 2001. He was trained on HA gels by Yasmin Khan, at the time at Inamed Corporation, and on Ellanse by the renowned plastic surgeon Mr Chris Inglefield, and has attended further advanced fillers training at KT Medical Aesthetics Training in Harley Street.

He has performed over a thousand recorded dermal filler treatments to date. He is a member of the European Society of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology (ESCAD) and attends annual medical congress updates in Paris and London every year.

Dr Grech’s dermal filler expertise includes the execution of more unusual treatments such as filling of hands, nasal bridge and eyebrow reconstruction and nonsurgical rhinoplasty. He has lectured and trained doctors on behalf of Ellanse in Poland and Malta.

What treatment fees* should I expect ?

Filler consultation fee € 30, waived if filler treatment is done on the same day of consult. Fees are from € 195 for 1ml of HA gel to € 285 for 1ml of ellanse M (2 years). Bespoke quotes for multiple syringes. One follow up session is normally timed at 10-14 days after treatment, and is free including any required (same syringe) filler dose top ups if applicable. Follow ups after 14 days are charged the consultation fee.

* these fees are periodically revised