Haemorrhoids are normal cushions playing a role in closure of the anal canal after defecation and overall integrity of continence. However, if they become damaged from chronic constipation and hard stool, they cause troublesome symptoms like prolapse, haemorrhage and intense pain, especially if they get thrombosed.

Complaints with haemorrhoids and perianal region is a source of great discomfort for a large number of the population affecting all age groups.

Haemorrhoids are classified as external and internal haemorrhoids according to their relevant position of appearance. Classically haemorrhoids are treated with excision, an operation which has its own troubles and complications.

Our team has revolutionized treatment of haemorrhoids using our latest combined technique of Laser and Doppler Hemorrhoidectomy ensuring a minimally invasive, bloodless and painless approach on a day-care basis.

After a 45-minute procedure patients can return to their normal activities and jobs within 48 hours. Laser technique includes photocoagulation of the external piles in the common positions of hemorrhoids (LHP) and Doppler refers to ultrasound-guided ligation of the hemorrhoidal blood supply (de-arterialization – HAL), plus placation of the mucosa for simultaneous reduction of the prolapse and excellent aesthetic and functional result (RAR). By avoiding excision of tissue these techniques are both painless and promote recovery and overall satisfaction.