Neck lift

Necklift improves signs of aging in the neck area by repositioning loose skin and by tightening neck muscles. A nice jaw line can be shaped using also liposuction techniques of the area.

Necklift is indicated in cases where the skin is sagging or wrinkles appear. In cases of a double-chin deformity that usually has a family trait, liposuction alone may treat the problem. Tightening of the skin is done through skin incisions well hidden behind the ear and in the natural crease on the chin.

  • Necklift plastic surgery is done under general anesthesia and an overnight stay might be needed especially when combined with other procedures.

  • Recovery depends on the degree of the necklift and any accompanying procedures. You can return to light activities from the first day after the surgery and gradually return to normal within a month.

  • Skin care and sun protection is necessary during the recovery period.

  • Results are long-term although changes in body weight and natural aging can alter your appearance.