Pigmentation is a very widespread problem locally, since sun exposure is unavoidable throughout the majority of the year. Pigmentation, or better described as hyperpigmentation, is the excess production of melanin/pigment in the skin, leaving patches/marks of darker colour. Causes of the above may vary, mainly being excessive exposure to the sun without sun protection, post treatment hyperpigmentation, and hormonally triggered.

Depending on the cause, and on the lifestyle of the patient, a series of treatments may be suggested/combined. Clinica Jóia offers a variety of treatments such as medical grade chemical peels in order to treat the deeper form of pigmentation, also known as Melasma. Chemical peels, together with pharmaceutical treatments and home care, hormone induced hyperpigmentation is treated in a safe, effective way.

For more superficial hyperpigmentation, the standard choice of treatment is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). IPL literally attacks the superficial deposits of pigment, turning them darker for a few days, and eventually within an average of 7 days, the spots flake off, leaving new skin underneath. The above treatments need repetition as necessary, and also, require the patient to be diligent in sun avoidance and the application of sun protection. The ideal months for these treatments to be done are between October and April.