From the first time I walked into Clinica Joia I felt a certain comfort and ease and I realized from the start that this clinic is somewhat different to the rest, they make you feel welcome. I then started meeting everyone and I must say that you are all great people, very professional and so caring and you have all really helped me throughout the journey – Many thanks to Dr. Stavrou who is an amazing surgeon with golden hands, Dr. Grech who makes sure that you are being looked after at all times and Ruth whom I only met briefly but in that little time I got to know her, she held my hand and made everything OK and of course, last but not least a very special thanks to Denise who was with me and comforted me on the day of the surgery, before and after – she saw that I was nervous (perhaps scared also) and she has a way of making it all better somehow – such a kind and loving person and for this I thank you very much – you have been absolutely wonderful.